Bio - Rob Withem

rob (crop)

I was born in southern California and my family moved to Yakima, WA, when I was a year and
a half old. We lived there until 1989, at which point we re-located to Phoenix for my father to pursue a business opportunity. Both my mother’s and father’s sides of the family are full of devout
Christians going back multiple generations. I was raised in the church, and for this I am
My wife, Amy, and I (we met in youth group, naturally) have been married for 16 years and have
five children. Early in our marriage I toured and recorded professionally in a band for many
years while also working in the construction and remodeling field. I currently own and operate
a remodeling business and serve part-time as the worship pastor at our Downtown Phoenix
plant. I love pursuing the intersection of pastoral work and music through liturgy, as well as
serving our people in community through sharing meals and talking about the implications of the
gospel to every area of life.

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