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My wife, Lauren and I have three kids: Joe, Hazel and Trevor. We live in downtown Phoenix. Because my wife and I have such similar sounding names, my good friends call me, "Jack."

Jesus became real to me on a church youth retreat during high school. Later, during my first week of college I went looking for girls, got distracted by signs for free pizza and ended up at a Campus Crusade for Christ picnic. The friends I made in that ministry became my friends for life. God used those two experiences of rich fellowship to ensure that I would stay engaged with Him forever. That's part of why we desire to make New Valley a safe, authentic community that connects all kinds of people to the Gospel!

A big part of my college experience was being asked to lead the junior high ministry at a nearby church and play a few different leadership roles with Campus Crusade for Christ. My wife, Lauren and I met during college, pretended to “just be friends” for years, then got married when I finally realized I was being stupid. After graduating from Indiana University, we moved to Phoenix in 2003 to plant New Valley Church with Scott, Becky and Carson.

Being outside in the mountains is one of the things I love most in life, whether it's snow skiing, hiking or trail running. I'm excited for the day when my kids will be old enough to carry their own skis, help pitch a tent, and don't need to be carried in a backpack.

For work, I am a business coach with The Entrepreneur's Source.

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