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My good friend Luke Simmons (Lead Pastor of Redemption Gateway) has coined a great phrase, “All of life is all for Jesus."

"All of life is all for Jesus!"

This week as we looked at the gospel of Mark Chapter 3, we saw that there are multiple ways one can elect to follow Jesus, but only one leads to true life-change.  You can follow Jesus as the CROWD followed him (at a distance like a recreational fan, tuning in and out as it suits your personal availability or fancy), or you can follow Jesus as a disciple follows (with him in every way).

Now the truth is that even the most faithful among us constantly vacillates between behaving like a fickle, loosely-associated member of the crowd (a mere "fan" of Jesus), and journeying alongside and endeavoring with him like a disciple. Even Peter (whose name was changed from Simon to "The Rock") disassociated himself and denied the Lord when Jesus was in his darkest hour. But Jesus is changing our name and changing our life. He is calling us to be with him. He is calling us out of the crowd and out of mere fan-hood into close fellowship with him. He's not interested in more casual followers like a celebrity with a Twitter account.  He's not looking to boost his ego or increase his personal branding with more 'Likes' on a Facebook page.  He's saying, "Follow ME. Make all of your life all about me."

"None of us drift towards faithfulness in our following..."

None of us drift towards faithfulness in our following, but instead we all drift towards selfishness. As we explore what it means to follow Jesus, ask yourself, “Am I behaving like a FAN or a FOLLOWER of Jesus?  What do I need to do make more time to read and mediate on his Word? What do I need to do to make more space for prayer (listening to him)? What do I need to remove from my life, and add to my life to be more obedient to him? What is he teaching me that I do not yet believe?

Following Jesus means that all of my life is all for Jesus

• Going where Jesus leads

• Believing what Jesus teaches

• Obeying what Jesus commands

• Worshiping him because he is Lord

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