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In order to be comforted by the Bible you have to accept its challenge

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If you don't accept the challenge of the Bible because it seems too hard to be true, you will never rest in the comfort of the Bible because it will seem too good to be true. ...

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New Valley Welcomes the Schneebergers!

New Valley welcomes Greg and Caitelen Schneeberger!...

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Redemption in The LEGO Movie

“In creation, God has basically given us a bunch of colorful blocks and told us to go play with them in meaningful ways.” I have seen my future and it is Legos. With a two year old son and baby boy #2 coming in a few weeks, I know that I will probably be stepping on forgotten-legos-in-the-dark for at least the next decade. Of course I welcome this....

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God Doesn't Need Your Life

I'm not sure where it came from or when I acquired it, but somewhere along the line early in my Christian faith I began to believe a devastating falsehood that I think most Christians share. The lie was that when making large decisions, God required me to go through an overtly spiritual, divine-will seeking process one can only describe as... well... pure hell. Allow me to...

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